A recent Fencepost writer faults the sanctuary cities for pushing back against busing immigrants across the country, sometimes not even knowing where they were going. Apparently the writer believes it’s OK to kidnap asylum-seekers, including children and drop them off unannounced in the freezing cold. Hypocrites like Govs. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis, who claim to respect life in the womb, but couldn’t care less about the misery they cause to make a political point.
Republicans don’t actually want to do anything about immigration reform. They only want to use the issue to incite their base and blame the Democrats, In February of 2021, an immigration reform bill in the House. Because of Republican resistance, it’s been held up in committee. For that matter, has anyone ever heard a Republican actually say what they would do about the problem? No.
The fractured, imploding GOP House leadership will do nothing but put on sham investigations and threats of impeachment for Joe Biden or Alejandro Mayorcas. So, please, if you’re serious about immigration reform, write your House representative, not the Daily Herald.
Richard Keslinke