World Day Of War Orphans 2023: Around millions of children are orphaned due to war and are subjected to a life of hardship, and emotional and physical neglect. The day was created by a French organization, to raise awareness about the sufferings of the war orphans.
ORPHANS IS defined by UNICEF as a child under 18 years of age who has lost one or both parents to any cause of death and is considered an Orphan. World Day of War Orphans is observed on January 06 every year to raise awareness and highlight the social, economic, mental and personal issues that these orphan children face at an early age in life.
The day urges us to understand our responsibility to take care of these children and their well-being. Its main objective is to develop reforms and facilities to provide a better quality of life to war orphans. The UNICEF statistics state that there are around 140 million orphans in the world including 61 million in Asia, 52 million in Africa, 10 million in Latin America and the Caribbean and 7.3 million in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The theme for World Day of War Orphans 2023 revolves around “Standing Up for War-Affected Children.”
World Day Of War Orphans 2023: Quotes
1. “You have the power to change the course of an innocent child’s life today by giving them access to basic healthcare, education, and guidance so they can move forward in the right direction.”
2. “The answer to 168 million orphans in our world can be summed up in two words, family and church.” – Kay Warren
3. “Orphans are the only ones who get to choose their fathers, and they love them twice as much.” – Adam Johnson
4. “God is pleased with no music below so much as with the thanksgiving songs of relieved widows and supported orphans; of rejoicing, comforted, and thankful persons.”
5. “What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?”
6. “The purpose of having the orphans study all these diverse fields was not for them to just become geniuses, but to become polymaths – meaning they would be geniuses in a wide variety of fields.” – James Morcan
7. “Orphanages are the only places that ever left me feeling empty and full at the same time.” – John M. Simmons
8. “When you lose your parents as a child, you are indoctrinated into a club, you’re taken into life’s severest confidence. You are undeceived.” – Hilary Thayer Hamann
9. “There are many in the world dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.” -Mother Teresa
10. “Families don’t have to match. You don’t have to look like someone else to love them.” -Leigh Anne Tuohy
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