Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor
HOLTON, Kan. – Instead of scrolling social media first thing in the morning, Cherokee Nation citizen Ryan Taylor wants to encourage his fellow college peers to start the morning off with inspirational quotes, which he has complied together in his book, “It Do Be Like That Sometime.”
“I tried to just really diversify the book with just different authors,” Taylor said. “It goes back to ancient Greek philosophers to our founding fathers.”
The book also has excerpts from Taylor’s point of view as a college student.
“They were just kind of quotes that when I would read them in books or articles or something … I felt that what they said even back then was applicable today,” Taylor said. “Really, what it was is I took these quotes and then I would try to spin it towards making it applicable to today’s college students.”
Taylor added the book is intended to be read once daily for a year.
“I understand most people today don’t have time to just sit down and read chapters and chapters from a book. So, it’s something just kind of to help them out early in the morning and then leave them with something to think about all day,” Taylor said.
The idea for the book came to Taylor during the first part of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“(I) just started seeing how especially college and just kind of life around college was affecting that age, and I thought this would be something that would be helpful to them,” he said. “When I was working on writing each day, it kind of gave me a new perspective on living one day at a time. Trying to live as well as you can, not let the little things bother you.”
Taylor said feedback for the book has been “very positive.” He added that, while it’s for college students, any age can benefit from a daily reading.
“It was nice seeing that what I wrote … was helping other people,” Taylor said. “It’s meant for college students and it’s by a college student but … there’s lessons in there for every age group and something everybody can take away from it.”
As for being Cherokee, Taylor said he worked to implement his father’s lesson into his writing.
“I tried to incorporate just … some lessons that my father … instilled upon me,” Taylor said.
Taylor is a senior at the University of Kansas and is set to earn his bachelor’s degree with a double major in pre-law psychology and philosophy in the spring with the goal of becoming a lawyer.
“It Do Be Like That Sometime” can be purchased on Amazon or by emailing rptaylor@ku.edu.
Ryan Taylor