The beloved show counts with several lines to live by.
The cultural phenomenon that is Stranger Things has won a lot of people over with its brilliant storyline and well-crafted characters. From Season 1 up until Season 4, viewers were met with a lot of surprises and fun (sometimes not so fun) twists. As a the show goes by, a few brilliant quotes easily stand out as well.
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Whether taken out of context or not, these just make sense. There is no doubt that the fantastic series has delivered a good amount of quality content so far — and dialogue plays a part in it. From Eleven's number one rule to an intriguingly inspiring Mrs. Wheeler quote, these are just a few of many interesting lines.
If Millie Bobby Brown's treasured character has some sort of life motto, it is this one. From the very beginning of the show in 2016, Eleven has lived by this quote, standing by it to this day. Apart from the line itself being extremely cute (especially being something El learned from Finn Wolfhard's character, Mike, whom she shares a strong bond with), it is also really accurate when one thinks about it.
While Stranger Thingsis a sci-fi series that mainly revolves around a bizarre alternate dimension and every strange thing that comes with it, it also frequently shines a beautiful light on the power of true friendship.
This quote along with, "You just try things on. Until you find something that feels like you." Unquestionably exude big Maxine Mayfield (Sadie Sink) energy. The independent character who recently stole the spotlight in every scene she appeared in is undoubtedly one of the most interesting fictional people in the series.
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With unconventional interests "for a girl" in the '80s and a very laid-back, tomboyish fashion sense, Max is way too cool for school; she's her most genuine self 24/7, often inspiring Eleven to do the same.
It is no news to anyone that Charlie Heaton's free-spirited character is an awesome big brother — he has always been there for Will (Noah Schnapp), frequently encouraging him to be the best, truest version of himself even if it feels a bit scary at times.
Growing up is terrifying. It can be particularly frightening when all your friends have it all figured out and you're the only one who's still fighting the urge to pick up your Dungeons & Dragons board. In an intimate moment between the Bylers, Jonathan reassures Will that it is okay not to have the same interests as the other people his age.
Dustin Henderson, played by Gaten Matarazzo, surely is one lovable character. From his fun-loving personality to his unmatched pearls, there are just so many great things about him. If there is one thing Season 4 got wrong, it was declaring Mike Wheeler as the heart of the group when Suzie's (Gabriella Pizzolo) Dusty-bun is right there.
Nevertheless, this iconic scene just emphasized how accepting and good of a friend the character is and how hyping up your friends is always the right move.
If further proof that Jonathan is the philosopher of the show is needed, take this secondary quote as evidence. In a heart-to-heart conversation with Will throughout Season 2, the older Byler reassures him that it is okay not to fit in the stereotype of textbook "normal" and that ultimately that is what makes him stand out in a crowd.
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What makes these words so inspiring is mainly how truthful they are, even when taken out of context. The scene itself is also incredibly wholesome, making it impossible for the viewer not to love Jonathan and Will's pure bond.
Winona Ryder's character is the mom of the year without a shadow of a doubt. Although the audience has had a fair share of great scenes featuring the talented actress so far (including the ones where she desperately tries to find Will), the heartfelt conversation she shared with the older brother in this particular one is beyond touching.
Because humans often feel trapped in their own loneliness, as a viewer it isn't hard to relate to Jonathan. The motherly quote serves as a gentle reminder to the audience that no matter how alone they feel they are, at the end of the day there is always someone who cares.
Something about Natalia Dyer's character being sassy is deeply inspiring. In Season 3, when Nancy is working closely with Jonathan, she showcases her boldness and confidence very clearly as she says these words. While Nancy's always been a girl boss, the third season particularly highlighted how much of a go-getter she is.
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Whereas this phrase could easily be the character's life motto, it is relatable to a lot of people in real life too — essentially women. Nancy doesn't ask for permission because she knows her request will be denied. She asks for forgiveness instead, fearlessly choosing to do it anyway.
Mr. Clarke's (Randall P. Havens) screentime days might be over, but his intellectual nature will be cherished forever. Thanks to the character's amazing knowledge, Dustin was able to figure out some really serious business. "Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?" Matarazzo's witty character hilariously asked referring to what the teacher had previously remarked.
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There are plenty of reasons why this quote is relevant, and that is what makes it great. While curiosity can, indeed, kill the cat, it is also able to expand horizons, leading people into asking the right questions, and often being the main reason behind great achievements.
Although this scene from the Season 3 finale felt exceptionally bittersweet for very obvious reasons, the last straw for the viewers was undoubtedly Hopper's (David Harbour) voice-over as he read his very emotional letter. From it, many achingly beautiful words can be cherished, but it is the way the character genuinely tries to give Eleven a realistic lesson on life that stands out the most.
It is impossible not to make mistakes. It isn't hard, however, to learn from them; not doing so is a choice. Remembering the hurt is crucial — it reminds you how alive you are and makes you reflect on the inevitable vulnerability that it is to be human.
Turns out Cara Buono's charming character can be really empowering when she wants to, and we love her for that. Karen is the first one to encourage Nancy into following her dreams, persuading the character into finishing her article in a touching conversation throughout the third season.
There's not much to say besides how amazing it is to see women supporting other women, even if that's what they're "supposed to do" as mothers and daughters. Plus, it's a quote that is easily applicable to everyday life.
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