There have been numerous Inquisitors introduced to fans through Rebels, Fallen Order, and the novels/comics and many of them have fantastic quotes.
For the past few years of the Star Wars canon, the Inquisitorius have been popping up as great antagonists under the leadership of Darth Vader and will soon be making their live-action debut in the Obi-Wan Kenobi show. There have been numerous Inquisitors introduced to fans through Rebels, Fallen Order, and the novels and comics of the canon, and many of them have some fantastic quotes.
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Whether they be intimidating threats or badass declarations, the likes of the Grand Inquisitor and the Second Sister, in particular, have some amazing lines that, along with their actions, have made fans want more of them in the canon.
Despite the mixed reactions and memes to come out of the Grand Inquisitor’s design in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series, fans of the character are still excited to see what he brings to the series, and his dialogue in the trailer helped this anticipation.
The Grand Inquisitor always had great knowledge about the Jedi, their history, their strengths, their weaknesses, and this is another example of this. He may not be the main villain in the show, but Rebels fans especially highly anticipate his live-action debut.
“Shroud of Darkness” is one of the best episodes of Star Wars animated TV to date, and in it, despite dying in season 1 of Rebels, the Grand Inquisitor appears in the Jedi Temple in the form of his past life as a Jedi Temple Guard.
When Kanan meets the deceased Inquisitor, he gets Knighted, finally becoming a Jedi Knight after a long time of technically being a Padawan, never finishing his training thanks to Order 66. It is a brilliant moment, and this quote is a fond memory for fans of Kanan, one of the best Jedi in Star Wars.
Outside of Rebels, the best look at the Inquisitorius that fans have gotten is in Jedi: Fallen Order, in which the Second Sister and Ninth Sister are the main antagonists. The former makes an immediate impact.
After Prauf accuses the Empire of seeing the workers as all expendable, Trilla has this simple response before impaling Prauf with her lightsaber. It is a fantastic, intimidating moment that establishes Trilla as a threat straight away and is one of many badass moments she has in the game’s campaign.
As is established in the comics and extended canon, the Inquisitorius get tortured by Vader and the Empire, often having body parts removed by Vader to teach them important lessons of loss.
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Here, the Ninth Sister talks almost proudly about her ability to take a loss in her stride, not to feel the effects of setbacks. Losing limbs means nothing to her or any other Inquisitor as, in becoming Inquisitorius, they had already lost everything, including themselves, a brutal yet, in his mind, necessary lesson taught by Vader.
The Ninth Sister is nowhere near the quality of character that Trilla is – with her being perhaps the best canon video game character to date – but she still proves herself to be a frustrating boss and a character with a couple of great quotes, with this perhaps being the best.
This quote showcases the pain an Inquisitor suffers before they are initiated and how any shred of their former self is destroyed in the process, adding a lot to them all as characters. They could easily all be one-dimensional, but having this history thrust upon them by Vader and the Empire makes them all so much more interesting.
One of the most underrated aspects of the Grand Inquisitor’s already underrated character is his intelligence. He is not a villain with the level of intelligence as Thrawn or power as Vader but is still immensely smart and skilled in hunting Jedi.
In his introduction to Kanan and Ezra, he establishes his abilities almost immediately. As soon as they begin fighting, the Grand Inquisitor notes that Kanan favored the third form of lightsaber combat in close-quarter combat to a “ridiculous degree” and deduces that Billaba was his teacher, speaking about the Jedi Temple records which he had studied exhaustively. It is a brilliant introduction to the Grand Inquisitor for the heroes.
The Eighth Brother does not spend a lot of time in Star Wars: Rebels, only present in “Twilight of the Apprentice,” but he helps reintroduce Maul to animated TV and uses this line as a harrowing way to describe him before fans meet him again.
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This is a response to the heroes who question who the Eighth Brother is hunting if not them. It is a perfect description of Maul as a warrior at the time. Through The Clone Wars and Rebels, a shadow is exactly what Maul is, striking unpredictably and harshly from behind the curtain in an exquisite, violent fashion.
As the Jedi: Fallen Order campaign progresses, Trilla becomes more and more of a sympathetic villain and a layered character who fans can truly appreciate. That makes her death at the hands of Vader a more emotional affair than fans could have predicted.
Given that Vader may be the best and most terrifying villain in Star Wars, it is no surprise that he emerges from the shadows in typically epic Vader fashion to criticize and then cut down Trilla. She shakily says this quote with her dying words with her final breath. It is excellently crafted and fear-inducing, setting the scene for the chase and fight between Cal and Vader.
The first season of Rebels gets a lot of hate from fans, but the Grand Inquisitor is unquestionably a great antagonist for that season and has some badass moments and quotes opposite Kanan and Ezra, including this.
This is sheer confidence oozing off the Grand Inquisitor, who knows his training and skill far exceeds that of the two Specters. He appreciates their efforts but is wholly confident that he will kill them. He is, of course, wrong in believing this, but that does not take away from any of his kick-ass moments as a villain in the show.
This line is not only the best quote from the Grand Inquisitor or any other Inquisitor for that matter; it is one of the best in the entirety of Rebels, coming in ‘Fire Across The Galaxy’ as the Grand Inquisitor meets his end.
It is the perfect setup for season 2 and the introduction of Vader as the main antagonist. It not only teases the Sith Lord’s return to the screen but highlights just how fearful of his wrath the Inquisitorius are, with the Grand Inquisitor choosing to die in a ball of flames rather than live and face Vader’s vengeance.
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