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Tenable, a US digital security company, recently discovered a flaw in one of the most popular routers in Latin America, the Netgear Nighthawk WiFi6 model RAX30 AX2400. This model is usually sought after by those who want a slightly better performance than that offered by a “standard” device, those that the broadband operator installs in their home.
wanted by TiltTenable stated that the discovered flaw paves the way for undesirable things to happen:
This problem is caused by a misconfiguration in the router’s default firewall (security system) rules. The flaw is present in routers whose firmware (the device’s basic software, which controls its functions) is in a version prior to V1.0.9.90.
In this case, the router allows unrestricted communication with any service that works over IPv6 on the device’s WAN port, which is the one to which PCs and other devices are connected.
Routers are usually updated automatically – or even via management programs – but, in the case of this model, this update was not happening as planned.
Tenable’s recommendation is that the update be done manually. Installation can be done through the router’s dedicated application, which can be downloaded from this link. The most current firmware can be found at this link.
In parallel, there are a few things you can do to improve the security of your router, regardless of brand.
Tilt contacted Angelo Sebastião Zanini, coordinator of the Computer Engineering course at Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia (IMT), who gave some simple tips:
Finally, whenever you are going to tinker with your router settings, it is important not to be lazy, which involves reading manuals and tutorials.
It is important to know exactly what you are doing to avoid enabling or disabling options that could compromise the security of your devices and your network.
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