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A traffic jam on Interstate 70 westbound.

A traffic jam on Interstate 70 westbound.
I just drove back to the Front Range on Interstate 70. Yikes! The eastbound road after Eisenhower Tunnel continues to degrade and is now an even greater threat to the lives of those traveling through our mountains. Coloradans need action on repairing and replacing roads.
Please call or write Gov. Jared Polis if you have concerns about our roads. The buck stops at the Capitol. Governor’s Office Front Desk: (303) 866-2471 and/or GovernorPolis@state.co.us.
Jeannine Harrington
People all over the world are on the move escaping political oppression, violence, failing economies, environmental disasters. The Middle East, Europe and America have long been accommodating migrants and refugees. Even though we are a land of immigrants and much of our agricultural economy depends on immigrants, legal and illegal, we’ve always had different notions of who should be admitted and allowed to stay in our country. We need to talk about it, not fling insults and misinformation.
Listen, Right and Left, Congress: we need a policy! A wall is not a policy. Neither is separating children from their parents. Neither is unplanned transportation of unknowing immigrants across the country to unprepared hosts. We need a national policy and a coordinated federal/state plan that includes all states, not just those immediately impacted near borders.
Congress, it’s your job — Do it.
Robin Flowers
Voters in 13 out of 64 counties voted for bringing more wolves to Colorado. However, counties that voted for this will probably never see it. Division of Wildlife fights hard to stop shed hunting and allow privacy for animals while they are in delicate stages and even the rutting season will be interrupted. DOW is worried about human interaction with wildlife, but wolves will be hunting them 24/7.
Wolves are here already. Elk herd population is declining. The wolves do need to go into lower lands in the winter, walking through our neighborhoods daily searching for prey.

These aren’t dogs, they are wild animal predators. You cannot protect yourself from them. They cannot be released within 60 miles of an Indian Tribal Land or Federal Land. So where will they be released? Do you think they know their boundaries? They are going to be working with local landowners to release them close to their land, and only that local landowner will know the time and place this will happen. You can’t protect yourself there is a hefty fine, $100,000, prison time and loss of hunting privileges. The area in southwest Colorado for releasing is Gunnison to Saguache to Lake City area. Wolves are known to roam 12 miles a day, and on average they move 50-140 miles from where they are released. Check out https://engagecpw.org/draft-wolf-plan-comments for schedule of events and complete survey.
Cori Dobson
The headline in Friday’s Jan. 27 Gazette read: “Anti-abortion protesters break into Walgreens AGM meeting room”. Reading that headline one would think they forcibly, violently entered the meeting, in a manner similar to the turbulent, catastrophic events of Jan. 6. Thank God I took the time the to read the story which stated: Today, directly after the close of official business of our annual shareholders meeting, a small group of protesters entered the meeting room without authorization. “None of our shareholders, team members and event staff were harmed during this incident,” “The protesters knew what they were doing because they found a way to enter the room from behind the podium. It was a complete surprise.”
Wow! The meeting was held at a hotel resort, was open to shareholders, and the protestors found a door that gave them access to the conference meeting room which they entered through after the meeting. This is news? The headline makes it appear that there was a forcible entry, clearly an exaggeration. The news story does not indicate that any of the protestors were arrested so one would have to believe no inappropriate physical interactions occurred. The headline’s use of the term “break-in” is inflammatory, a gross overstatement, and shows a significant media bias in comparison to the media represented “non violent” protests that have occurred during the last few years.
Daniel Bradley
If there ever was a word that should be canceled it is the word “free.” It seems every week there is some new “free” program. A recent headline stated “free” adult high-school opportunities including “free” day care for those wanting to attend.
Then there was the “free” all day kindergarten bill touted by the governor last fall. The list of “free” programs would be too long to list here. The sad part is that there are probably a lot of people who don’t stop and think or who have forgotten that there is “no free lunch.” How about the paper substitute the phrase “taxpayer funded” for the word free. Maybe you’d start educating some folks instead of perpetuating the idea that there is “free” anything.
Edward Hoden
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