Hear ye, hear ye – Divinity: Original Sin 2 is crammed to the gills with voice lines, some of which will stick with you long after you stop playing.
Divinity: Original Sin 2 is packed full of hilarious and memorable lines of dialogue. Whether it's from an NPC shouting the same news over and over or a masterfully delivered quip from the Narrator, Divinity 2 will never leave you wanting with its voice acting.
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There are hundreds of NPCs in Divinity 2 and multiple branches for different quests and outcomes, which equals a staggering amount of unique lines from the characters. Even your custom characters have fleshed-out stories and plenty of things to say during your adventure. How is it that all we seem to hear are these voice lines seemingly on repeat?
Leya is a Dwarf NPC in Fort Joy's Sanctuary of Amadia who is extremely invested in Gareth's whereabouts. Gareth is the leader of a group of people trying to escape the Magisters and leave Fort Joy for good, but he hasn't returned from his most recent mission.
Leya asks you to find him and, once you bring him back, you'll be greeted with the same line of dialogue every time you fast-travel to the area. She exclaims: 'Did you see? Gareth's back!'. Does it get old? That's up to you. On the plus side, bringing Gareth back is a surefire way to get your Source Collars removed.
Divinity: Original Sin 2 has excellent combat, but the voice lines from the characters makes it even better. One such line we love is when your character repeatedly hits an enemy with regular attacks, they will begin to cackle maniacally. Whether you're slinging magic at an enemy or hitting them with poison and fire in the same breath, your character loves it.
This outburst of minor sadism is beautifully illustrated by the game with a simple line above your head that reads *cackles*. Simple, yet effective.
The Narrator is the unsung hero of Divinity 2, delivering wonderfully terse and sometimes unsettling lines of dialogue with a surprisingly cheery disposition. One that we always run into, no matter how many times you've played, is when you interact with any hay bale you come across.
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There's something about them that must be clicked on. Maybe you want to hear the line one more time, or perhaps you forgot that there's even dialogue tied to clicking on it. Whatever your reason, this line is easily one of the most frequently heard ones in the whole game.
Driftwood is the NPC quote capital of Divinity 2. Outside of your character's combat dialogue, this is the place where you'll be begging for one moment of peace after fast-travelling there for the thousandth time, to hear the same people having the same conversations ad infinitum.
An NPC walks over to the fish stall every day, and they can't seem to help themselves from commenting on the stench this particular stall produces. The full quote is "Smells worse over here than a dozen rotten eggs dropped in a vat of vinegar." Naturally, this line is always followed by an unimpressed Trader Thun, who fires back: "well, don't come over, it's not like your buyin' anything!"
When it comes to combat, your characters like to recycle their voice lines. You'll either love or hate this, but you can't deny that they are some of the most memorable quotes in the game.
Whenever you use a class attack or spell, your character dramatically announces 'Prepare yourself!' as they bravely take to the fray. At the right moment, this line can feel particularly epic as you turn a bad situation around and proceed to pummel your foe.
When it comes to the combat lines you hear in Divinity, this is one of the best that triggers when you kill an enemy. If your character doesn't cackle to themselves upon delivering the final blow, you'll be treated to this delicious line of dialogue.
'Greet the Reaper for me' is a pretty metal quote as far as things go in Divinity, and it's one of the few ones like it. This line is always best delivered by Sebille since she delivers it with such triumph in her voice you believe she wants the Reaper to know she's coming.
Another one of Divinity's classic lines comes in the shape of dirt mounds found throughout the game. If you happen to playing as anyone other than a lizard character, or you're without a shovel, you can click on the dirt mound to hear your character lament that they lack the means to free this treasure from the ground.
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We've all heard this line countless times, especially if you're playing together with friends. There's something so irresistible about spamming an action, especially when it requires one of your friends to hurry to you and do what you need them to do.
Driftwood gets a bad reputation thanks to the tireless efforts of this single Town Crier. He can't help himself; he has the information and needs to get the message to the people of Driftwood, no matter how many times he's already announced these three bits of news.
Maybe the townsfolk of Driftwood collectively have a terrible memory, or perhaps it's just a slow news month in the world of Divinity, but we all fondly remember the line "Hear ye, hear ye, Queen Justinia executes two-dozen noblemen for insubordination". Suffice it to say, Driftwood's Town Crier is one of the finest NPCs in the game.
As with all the side quests in Divinity 2, you certainly won't be able to say no to the pigs running around on fire that you happen across while you explore the outer wilderness of Fort Joy. As memorable as it is haunting, these pigs will constantly squeal as they dart around the place perpetually on fire.
You can use the Pet Pal skill to get some more coherent lines of dialogue from them, but they're a bit morose as they'll constantly plead for you to end it all and put them out of their suffering.
Out of all the voice lines you hear in combat while playing Divinity, few are as memorable or as fun as this one. Whenever you buff your character's physical or magical armour, you'll scream 'Glory is mine!". This is the quintessential Divinity quote that will stay with you until the end of the game, more or less because you won't stop hearing it.
While it might get repetitive, like all the others, this one is always fun to hear. Not to mention, It never sounds better than when the line is delivered in the Red Prince's pompous yet deliciously dignified cadence.
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