Jan 13, 2023
To the editor:
Our Great Nation is indeed a nation of immigrants. Archeologists have determined that everyone, even the indigenous people living on the North American continent, are here because of immigration.
We also used to be a nation of laws, but it seems we are stepping away from accepting our laws as written and choosing to believe the parts of the laws that are convenient to us or letting our emotions rule what we think should be right.
The body of law governing the U.S. immigration policy is called the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The INA allows the United States to grant up to 675,000 permanent immigration visas each year across various visa categories. In addition to the numerical limits placed on the various immigration preference categories, the INA places a limit on how many immigrants can come to the United States from any one country. No group of permanent immigrants from a single country can exceed seven percent of the total number of people immigrating to the United States in a single year.
This is not a quota to ensure that certain nationalities make up seven percent of immigrants, but rather a limit that is set to prevent any immigrant group from dominating immigration flow to the United States.
In a recent article in The Journal, Jim Muchlinski, a longtime reporter and contributor to the Marshall Independent, shared his feelings about our immigration border crisis and he indicated that all the millions of illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border from several South American countries may not be harmful and actually could be beneficial because they are “only looking for a better life.” The problem is they are coming here illegally and overwhelming our immigration system and not allowing immigrants from other parts of the world to have a chance to become citizens legally.
With the high numbers of illegal immigrants continuing to pour across our border from South America, the states bordering Mexico and other southwest states are rapidly becoming the United States of South America!
When the Mainstream Media posts photos or news clips of the illegal immigrants and their children having no place to go after illegally crossing the United States border and having to sleep in the streets in near freezing temperatures it is indeed tragic and pulls at our emotions. With 40 million United States citizens living in poverty and another 500,000 citizens homeless, shouldn’t we take care of their problems and ensure our own citizens are living a better life before we allow many millions of illegal immigrants to pour in across our borders “looking for a better life” because of conditions in their own countries?
Marlin Olson
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