The MCU has plenty of great friendships but the bond between Peter Parker and Ned Leeds is possibly the best, proven by these lines.
The addition of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given the franchise a great friendship between Jennifer Walters and Nikki Ramos but of course, it is far from the first memorable bond between characters. Picking out the best friendship in the MCU is difficult though Peter Parker and Ned Leeds have a strong argument.
The two are basically inseparable throughout each individual Spider-Man film, they're loyal to one another, and their trust is almost unmatched. They might not have as long of a history as some others but there's no doubting what the two mean to each other.
The majority of the lines to discuss the friendship between these two come from Ned since Peter is often tasked with focusing on the film's main storyline. However, he gets a few moments to showcase what Ned truly means to him. One instance of that happened when he tried to get the powerful Doctor Strange to help him in Spider-Man: No Way Home.
Upon learning that everyone would forget he's actually Spider-Man, Peter first requested that MJ keep the knowledge. After her, Ned was the first person he thought about even before his Aunt May or Happy Hogan. Peter views Ned as family and someone who is crucial to everything in his life.
The possibility of getting into MIT is a key plot point in Spider-Man: No Way Home and it was first discussed by Peter and MJ. It was revealed that Ned also had the same plan when he found his friends up on the roof of their school and he came up with his line to display his excitement.
At first glance, it could look like he was inserting himself as a third wheel but both Peter and MJ love this idea. It goes to show just how close these three friends have become over the course of the story. While they didn't get to go to MIT together, the idea was special to them.
This might be a simple line that had zero impact on the overall story but it still works to let the audience know about Peter and Ned's relationship. In fact, it is their first notable line together as Ned says it while holding up a LEGO Emperor Palpatine and mimicking his dialogue.
Peter's excitement at the LEGO Death Star showed that he and Ned had similar interests and told the viewers that they were lovable nerds. The Palaptine figure went on to become something of a symbol of their friendship as Peter made sure it was one of the first things he included in his new apartment with Ned out of his life.
The inclusion of three Peter Parkers in No Way Home was not only fan service but played an important part in these characters figuring out more about themselves. Ned was one of them as he asked Peter 2 about his best friend only to find out that he (Harry Osborn) turned evil and tried to kill Peter.
This was also a nod to the comic books where Ned becomes Hobgoblin at one point. Being the likable supporting character that he is, Ned's next conversation with Peter featured him assuring his buddy that he would never do something like that. It would be odd if he did since Ned is basically pure good.
One landmark aspect of any great friendship is that the people involved support one another and Ned always has Peter's back. In fact, he supports Peter so much that he views his buddy's successes as his own. That's what makes this line in Spider-Man: Homecoming so lovable and funny.
Upon learning that Peter is Spider-Man, Ned was asked to keep it a secret but like any teenage best friend in this situation, he couldn't promise that. It didn't stem from a lack of loyalty but from the fact that he was so excited. The comedy comes from Ned calling it a great thing to happen to him even though it technically happened to Peter.
Returning to the MIT storyline, this is another case where Peter got to explain what his friends meant to him. His biggest concern with not getting into his dream school had nothing to do with himself but was actually about how MJ and Ned were also punished.
Peter understood that his superhero life could lead to problems like this but he was willing to do anything, including altering the minds of billions, to get them into the school they deserved to attend. While this quote isn't just about Ned, Peter clearly loves his friend.
The ending of No Way Home is one of the saddest in the entire MCU. To save the multiverse, Peter sacrifices everything and loses everyone he loves in the process as none of them will remember him after Doctor Strange's spell. As he said his goodbyes to Ned and MJ, his best friend said this line.
Peter promised to come and find them and remind them of who he is and a saddened Ned only responded with this. It's a heartbreaking line that is delivered expertly by Jacob Batalon, showing how tragic this situation was but also having a glimmer of hope as he believes in Peter.
This is truly where it all began for Peter and Ned in the MCU. Their friendship had already been established and they knew each other before the films started but this line cemented who they would be going forward.
Ned might not have superpowers or be an Avenger but he's smart and fiercely loyal. That made him the perfect "guy in the chair" who could always assist Peter when he needed it. Ned wasn't there for all of Peter's adventures but whenever he could be, he was often his biggest ally.
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