One of God of War Ragnarok’s best features is its story. These quotes from the game are proof of its robust storyline.
One of God of War Ragnarok’s best qualities is its story. The narrative goes through a lot of ups and downs focusing once again on the relationship between Kratos and Atreus. Things are better between them as they start on a more understanding playing field.
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As God of War Ragnarok progresses, their relationship starts to splinter which is heartbreaking. As central to the story as these two are, there are plenty of other characters worth highlighting too. Between Kratos, Atreus, and the rest of the cast, here are some of the funniest and most poignant quotes in the game. There will be spoilers.
Mimir says this to Odin upon meeting up at Kratos’ cabin for the first time in ages. Mimir’s point is that Odin cannot be trusted on any level even with general knowledge such as colors. This whole scene in the game is deeply intense. Will Kratos fight Thor to get it out of the way? Will Odin step in to take Atreus away? Things could have gone poorly for Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir but this was just the opening act of God of War Ragnarok.
After Odin and Thor’s arrival, Kratos knew he could no longer stay at his house in fear of being found again. That’s why Sindri invited them to stay at his house in the realm between realms. When he welcomes them into his house, Sindri wishes for everyone to remove their shoes and keep the floors clean. He should have known better than to have put that burden on Kratos. Of course, Kratos isn’t going to remove his shoes, he’s a warrior.
This is one of the best exchanges from a minor quest in God of War Ragnarok. Lunda asks Kratos to retrieve an orb from her lab but she doesn’t explain what it is. Kratos is immediately suspicious, warning Mimir and Freya about it on the journey.
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The orb turned out to be a squeaky toy for Lunda’s dog, putting Kratos’ suspicions to shame. Mimir and Freya will not let Kratos live down this mistake as they keep joking about it with Freya saying this line.
If one were to drink every time Kratos said “boy” in the 2018 reboot, they’d be dead. It’s his catchphrase as he seemingly refused to say Atreus’ name at first. This sequel puts that catchphrase to rest except for one instance. After Atreus tells his father and friends that he wants to go to Asgard and they refuse, he freaks out. Atreus turns into a bear, injures Sindri, and runs toward the realm gate. As he’s fidgeting with his stone, Kratos runs into the doorframe of Sindri’s house and tells, “Boy!” It was the perfect moment to bring that line back.
Even though some of the gameplay can get repetitive, like the combat, it’s encouraged for players not to listen to anything else while playing. Typically someone may wish to listen to a podcast while exploring an open-world game. Headphones are encouraged to wear in God of War Ragnarok instead, as a pro tip, so that players won’t miss any extra dialogue. Some of the best dialogue happens whenever Kratos or Atreus pick up items. The best retort, this line, comes from Heimdall after Atreus makes it into Asgard for the first time.
Atreus’ first mission after getting to Asgard is to go to Muspelheim to retrieve a piece of a mask for Odin. Atreus acquires a new companion, Ingrid, who is a sentient sword that can act on her own. Thor also accompanies him much to Thor’s displeasure.
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He’s got some good, dry lines like this one after Atreus puts his hand in lava to retrieve the missing mask piece. It might be one of the silliest things Atreus does in the game even though he’s a god.
“We must be better” is seemingly the theme of God of War Ragnarok. Kratos and Atreus say it repeatedly throughout the journey and each utterance is more powerful than the last. It’s a saying that Faye left Kratos with before she passed on. The final mention of this line was via Kratos who said it to Thor after their climactic fight. Thor listens for once before he is gutted by his father for disobeying him. At least Thor went down with kindness in his heart rather than malice although he probably did hate Odin at that moment.
Odin has a few forms during his boss fight, but eventually, Kratos and his team are able to beat him. Atreus lands the critical blow by trapping Odin’s soul inside one of the orbs given to him by the giants. They are unsure what to do with him when Sindri comes out of the blue, snatches the orb, smashes it, says this line, and then vanishes. Sindri is one of the best characters in the game. It’s this line that solidifies it as it shows the character has changed dramatically and not for the better. It is brutal.
God of War Ragnarok was released on November 9, 2022 and is available on PS4 and PS5.
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